AXION is leading brand of Axion Group, a prominent Azerbaijani industrial group. Axion Group’s core sectors are building sector construction, development, digital solutions and consumer products. We are the only brand in market offering every component of the modern business development as well as an expansive range of customised solutions and tailored products. Our international team of professionals operates in Azerbaijan, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Turkey and Ukraine.

Axion’s core sectors are management, construction, and consumer products. Additionally, the Group is active in finance, information technology, architecture, design, branding and property development. It is also a major partner in business processing, technical solutions and services for the banking sector.
In Azerbaijan, Axion is the leader in most of its businesses with some of the most effective professional networks in the country for building products, advert, production and architectural projects. Globally Axion has established itself among the regional top companies.

International partnership is a central component of the Axion Group’s growth strategy. Axion has four international representatives and numerous cooperation agreements with leading international companies. All of these are grounded on the principals of long-term mutual benefit and sustainable business practices.
The Axion Group’s mission is to be a pioneer of modern lifestyles that are healthy, high quality and sustainable. Accordingly, the Group encourages each of its companies to surpass established standards and raise the consumer benchmarks of products and service quality. Through sponsorship and responsible corporate practices, it also promotes social and economic development that nurtures cultural and scientific activity, protects the environment and develop a vision of efficiency and effectiveness.